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Four kinds of life
  • Working for money
  • Wealth is not freedom
  • 60%
  • Work for yourself
  • Cannot rest
  • 30%
  • Build System
  • The system works for you
  • 5%
  • Money works for you
  • Passive income
  • 5%
Buy and Sell Real Estate
Selling real estate has the highest Commission of any industry!
"Can't find anything higher than real estate for now~"
As an investment in your own head
"Because you want to buy a house"
The cheapest way to meet rich people
"Because rich people must have real estate!"
Let's do an experiment
"One of these cups could make you a fortune!
Which would you choose?"
When to start a business?
Do you believe it?

We talked to a fortune teller and said now would be the best time
There is no such thing as a good time to start a business. When your pocket is empty, you will want to start looking for money. The easiest way to make money is to start a business on a platform.
How to benefit?
You only need to do these four things
  • Automatic Learning
    Actively participate in every well-planned company meeting and project review
  • Advertising
    Actively advertise yourself
  • Don't Be Ashamed To Ask
    Ask your leader if you don't understand or are vague
  • Diligence In The Right Place
    Don't blindly diligence if encounter problems, must put forward immediately to solve immediately
Ranking System
1) Recruiter
  • Entitled 4% once recruit a Newbie
2) Asst. Team Leader
  • Personal Nett Comm RM20,000
  • 2 Newbies with converted cases
3) Team Leader
  • Personal Nett Comm RM30,000
  • Group Nett Comm RM90,000
  • 2 Asst. Team Leaders
4) Team Manager
  • Personal Nett Comm RM40,000
  • Group Nett Comm RM300,000
  • 3 Team Leaders
5) Branch Manager
  • Personal Nett Comm RM50,000
  • Group Nett Comm RM1,000,000
  • 3 Team Managers
  • 18%
    Personal Nett Comm: RM175, 000 or more
  • RM10,000
    Personal Nett Comm: RM125,000
  • RM5,000
    Personal Nett Comm: RM100,000
  • RM2,500
    Personal Nett Comm: RM70,000
Personal Sales Incentive